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  1. Carmen

    Thanks for the remedial reading list! Those books are on order including your newest book: “Praying Grace!”


  2. Sally Marie Brown

    I have tried to find the Christmas Grace Book on Amazon but was only to find it available by Kindle email. I would like to order several copies of the “book” for Christmas gifts. Can you please direct me to the site for ordering the books? Thank you very much! Sally

  3. David Holland

    Hi Sally! Thank you so much for your interest and support. What a blessing! You should be able to find it on Amazon now. (And if you see something along the lines of “Only 2 copies left” or something similar, don’t believe it!

  4. David Holland

    It’s obviously too late for this season, but the book version of Christmas Grace is now back in stock on Amazon. There’s always next year!

  5. Nancy

    Incredible! Your new book Praying Grace for Women is amazing! Quick question, p.37 does not seem to have the reference listed for the scripture written under the title (ie book, chapter, verse) All the others do, including
    your Praying Grace book, Could you explain please? Thank you and a million blessings!

  6. David Holland

    Thank you so much for the gracious words! The missing reference is just a mistake I and editors and the publisher missed!
    Hebrews 10:23 TPT
    Should be fixed on the next printing!

  7. Linda Ironfield

    New here did not know you had a mother book for women Praying Grace for Women. Is it still available? I am enjoying Praying Grace.

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