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DSC_2033 David A. Holland is in way over his head most days. He divides the balance of his limited time between misplaced optimism and dangerous complacency. Inexplicably, his wife of 25+ years considers him handsome and his three daughters think him very kind and smart. And these happy miracles are all the evidence he needs to justify his belief in a benevolent God.

He is the co-author of the book Paul Harvey’s America: The Life, Art and Faith of a Man who Transformed Radio and Inspired a NationPraying Grace: 55 Meditations and Declarations on the Finished Work of Christ; and numerous other devotional and inspirational works. He has ghost written dozens of other books–several of which appeared on the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list–but can’t tell you which ones or for whom because of confidentiality agreements and such. But believe him when he says you would be impressed if you knew. Possibly.


David first got paid to write words when, right out of college, we found work at a small group of weekly newspapers. Then he pursued an interest in radio, landing a job producing the morning show at KCNN radio in Oklahoma City; and later served as News Director at KJIL in that same sprawling metropolis; then Director of Affiliate Relations for The NewsTalk Radio Network. He reached the zenith of his broadcasting career as one-half of the morning show team for Oklahoma City’s KNTL, “The Light 105,” paired with radio legend Jonathan Wise. The wildly popular show was intuitively titled, “Jonathan and David in the Morning.”

Then he did a bunch of other stuff involving public policy, elections, and the culture wars in Washington, D.C.. He then spent six long but rewarding winters as the Media Pastor at Living Word Christian Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eventually, he moved his family to Dallas and co-founded Holland | Simpson, a media/creative services agency with Jon Simpson.

You’ll find his podcast, “The New & Better Podcast with David Holland,” where find podcast content is disseminated.

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  1. Bob Thornton

    David! How in the world are you? Great to find you online and get re-acquainted with your wonderful writing and political insight!

  2. David Holland

    So great to hear from you! I see they haven’t run you out of Tulsa yet. haha My Mom is still living in my ancestral village in southeastern Oklahoma so I get up there as often as possible. Would love to grab coffee or a meal if you’re ever in Dallas or I’m in Tulsa.

  3. John Young

    David please add me to your email list. I have really been enjoying your book “Praying Grace” Also – I would love to know what you are doing these days. Are you still working at “Holland – Simpson”?

    Are you also pastoring a church? I am Chaplain John Young in Kansas City and I too served as a Media Minister for many years. It sounds like we have had a similar journey in life.

    Blessings – John

    [email protected]. 816-550-5014

  4. David Holland

    Hi John!
    Will do, and thanks! My “day job” is now with a similar agency to Holland-Simpson serving a number of large media ministry clients. I also pastor a house church here in the DFW area and we have a wonderful community of believes we call “The Cup & Table Co.. (The “cup” of communion and the “table” of fellowshiop.)

    I have more books in the pipeline. The next one will be a 101-day devotional containing meditations on the goodness and kindness of God.

    Blessings . . .

  5. Frank Clark

    You are gifted in insightful writing. I do personal evangelism.Based on my experience. I have developed a program to teach others what I
    have learned. I charge nothing.
    Can I have a p.o. box and phone ,
    will be kept confidential. Will send a copy to you. Thank You

  6. John Young

    Hello again David – and thank you very much for your reply. I would very much like to learn more about your House Church Network – The Cup and Table, CO. Can you please provide me with a link to some additional information? Do you have any churches in the Kansas City area?

    I am very interested and will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Blessing to you – John

  7. David Holland

    Hi John,
    A great place to start would be the various pages on our web site: http://www.cupandtable.co

    Our vision from the beginning has been that others would be inspired by our model and want to emulate it. And if so, we’re eager to help them.

  8. Patricia Miller

    Pray. A medicine changed brain how was. Totally different. How thought handled things personality how brain felt ways been in house hanging on. Shock what has caused horriable moment to moment battling from losing it …….. With God all things possible! Had went through shocking things fighting with + bails teeth) years was use to how brain did and all I done how handled everything. It’s been all gone been fighting moment to moment fighting shock nervous breakdown losing it effecting stinacj intestines coln rushbg chemistry suicide great fear etc. Want life brain mind back like never happened. Husband gave the need. In liquid fien to +a bipolar/ sket. Medicine ……… So much very serious things .. was left no water gas on. Abused. Don’t know whose safe could help been through alot of bad Dr s people. And one that should of been there for helped allowed helped been advocate. From previous things was living … And from selfish motives abused gave this medicine few months ago. Pray for him Sam . This all is very hard to tell about, to express. Only God…. Normally can not text phones been messed up for long time. Thank you. Thank you. It’s a miracle I’m texting and texting you Mr Holland. ….

  9. David Holland

    Patricia it sounds like you’re really struggling. I’m so very sorry. Praying for you now . . . that you will be made whole in both mind and body.

  10. Teresa

    David, I’ve been reading Praying Grace for several weeks. I cannot tell you in words how much this book is blessing me and now I’m getting more copies to pass on. This small book speaks volumes.

  11. Stephanie Huff

    David, I just got Praying Grace and was reading About the Author at the back of the book. Noticed you were in Ft worth area. My Aunt Delma and Uncle Charles Holland were also from that area. Haltom city area. Might we be related? My first cousin Kenny was one of their sons. I believe he was also in ministry before he passed.

  12. David Holland

    Hi Stephanie! All my Hollands started in Bell County, Texas (down wround Temple) and then moved to Oklahoma in early 1900s. But there were lots of Hollands in the clan, and I’m sure many of their descendants ended up on the DFW area. So very possible! The little town of Holland, Texas (near Temple) was founded by by gg-uncle and his father, my ggg-grandfather.

    Hope you enjoy the book!

  13. Gary Schake

    Hi David,

    I just received my copy of Praying Grace yesterday, started reading today. I’m not following the 55 day plan as I’ve already read 1/3 of it and plan to finish this weekend. I’m not speed reading as I like to stop between each part and let it soak in a little.

    We read Joseph Prince’s book Destined to Reign a little over 10 years ago at the same time as our Pastors and ever since have been resting in Jesus finished work, digging deeper into Grace.

    We were so indoctrinated with the religious versions of prayer from our past that we weren’t sure what to do, should we even pray?

    Your book is the perfect answer. Thanks for being led to write this amazing book.

    I’ve already called my pastor and will be buying him a book.

    Your brother and friend,

    Gary Schake

  14. David Holland

    Gary, thank you so much. What a blessing. Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for spreading the word! Love to your family!

  15. Cheryl D Tecumseh

    Mr. Holland, today I finished reading “Praying Grace”. It was sent to me by TBN. What a pleasure it has been enjoying this powerful Word for the past 55 days. From the very first day, it has ministered to my spirit of God’s awesome gift of Grace. Thank you for allowing this to be sent to me. I intend to share it with my group of friends as well. God bless you and your family!

  16. David Holland

    Thank you so much, Cheryl! Blessings. I so appreciate you sharing it with others.

  17. Patricia Bailey

    I’m reading Praying Grace and how it’s blessing me. I would love to get your next devotional book…101 devotionals. I order Praying Grace from TBN. Hope to get your next book. God bless you!


    Hi Mr Holland. I received your book, Praying Grace from TBN recently and I must say what a Blessing and encouragement it has been. My husband and I are in the ministry and would appreciate your prayers for us. Thank you for the book,confirming so much of what we already know from God’s Word. Continued Blessing to you and your family

  19. David Holland

    Grateful for you kind words. My bride and are delighted to declare God’s highest and best over you and your husband!

  20. Jeffrey Bentley

    I am looking to Possibly start a home bible study or house ministry. What are some issues that would make this a bad decision.

  21. David Holland

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I think the biggest consideration is neighbors. I’ve gone out of my way to make sure that our meetings don’t become a significant annoyance to the people on my street. From a Kingdom standpoint, I want them to be glad they have me as a neighbor and wish for more people like me. so that means communicating with them about my plans, setting their expectations, and expressing appreciation for them.

    Other than that, it’s good to convey to your attenders your policy on inviting others. You may or may not be comfortable with them inviting people they don’t know well.

    All that said, I’ve found a home fellowship community be the richest, most rewarding way to do Kingdom life together.

  22. Brian Miller

    I love your book Praying Grace. A question that I have is: If we have a heart that condemns us, how do we pray to be rid of the condemnation and expect our prayer to be answered or how else could we be rid of heart condemnation.? I guess someone who has confidence could pray for the person. Although that didn’t work for my wife who died last December of cancer after many people of great faith prayed and laid hands on her. Thank you for writing this book . I have bought 4 copies and gave them to family members and friends.

  23. David Holland

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for this. And thank you so much for sharing the book with others!
    I’ll try to answer your question with an upcoming blog post. Stand by.

  24. David Holland

    I also meant to say how saddened I am to hear about your wife. That must have been and continue to be very hard. I so wish we were at a point on the timeline of restoration in which we won those kinds of battles every single time. Often it’s a mystery why we don’t. Blessing and grace be upon you.

  25. Jack Dollins

    Did you and I attend college together in Wilburton 4 decades ago?
    Blessings to your life and your ministry either way.

  26. David Holland

    Hi Jack,
    I am one and the same. The only thing missing is my hair. How are you? Would love to hear about your journey through life thus far.

    Blessings …

  27. Jack Dollins

    David, I’m elated to have contact with you! I’ve thought of you often over the years. Can’t stop smiling right now.

    You have my email on your site now, so please contact me sometime, and I’d love to arrange to see you on one of my trips through the DFW area.
    Been married 40 years, have 3 kids and 2 grandkids, and certainly blessed beyond what a part-time scoundrel like me deserves. The college days with you & others remain among my dearest memories.

    Please contact me, if you’re inclined to.
    Warmest regards, and Blessings!

  28. Jo McKibben

    First, thank you for writing Praying Grace. A wonderful friend sent me a copy and I have sent copies to several others as well. The Prayers of Declaration are like the icing on the cake for each of the meditations.
    I just finished reading #55 and plan on starting over. My understanding of what God’s Grace is has been magnified by your book. Thanks so very much.
    When will your 101 become available?
    How would I go about locating a home church in McKinney, TX?

  29. David Holland

    Hey Jack,
    I’ll contact you. Would be great to catch up! Yes, those days at Eastern were really great and helped set the course for my life in many ways.

  30. David Holland

    Hi Jo,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled to hear the book has blessed you. And yes, please do start it over. I frequently talk to people who are their fourth or fifth pass through the book. We never stop needing to be reminded of who we are (in Him).

    Will be shooting a 10-part television series based on PG soon. And I’m also working on a sequel, “Praying Christmas Grace” which will come out this fall. I’ll ask around about Grace-centered house churches meeting in your area. I’m sure there are some.

  31. Laura Bower

    I’m now in my second reading of Praying Grace. Transformative, for sure! I also live in the Dallas area and wondered if Cup and Table is open for visitors. Also, is your media/creative expressions company still operating? Would love to explore that as well.

  32. Frances Clark

    Thank you for Praying Grace… have been so blessed ,each day just what I needed to hear.

  33. David Holland

    Hi Laura,
    Yes, Cup & Table Co. is a house church I lead and we’re wide open. We meet at a home in Southlake (address is on the web site) and we have a number of sweet folks who drive over from Dallas each Saturday. We meet Saturday afternoons from 5:00-6:30.

  34. David Holland

    Hi Harold!
    It’s available online at ChristianBook.com or on Amazon (in both paperback and faux leather.) And thank you so much for your desire to share it with others!!!

  35. Evelyn Burres

    I saw you on Victory News. What you said spoke to my heart; my greatest desire is to be in Jesus’ Presence in my prayers and my worship, which both are gifts from HIM. I have just begun reading ‘Praying Grace’. Thank you for being HIS servant.

  36. David Holland

    I’m so encouraged to hear that! Thank you so much for letting me know. May God abundantly bless you on your journey into His goodness and grace.

  37. R. Ken Howell

    Pastor Holland, I am making an observation.
    I have made this observation and asked several Churchs in the Orlando, FL. area to please respond…they haven’t yet.
    Why have our Church Pastors and those in worship teams…started wearing t-shirts,jeans and wearing their shirt tails out. The tie, in a lot of Churchs…is never seen any more. It seems that the Church of our Lord…has allowed the world to dictate how they look. I grew up in Church and always saw the Pastor and Church leaders wearing their best..a suit and a tie…why not today? Why shouldn’t we look our best when we go to God’s House? Again, not meant as a criticizm…just an observation. Would really like to find out what your opinion is. I see you on TBN and you always have your shirt tail out. Why? Thank you. In Jesus Name, Ken Howell

  38. Glenda

    Greetings David… I just finished reading “Christmas Grace” all at once, because after I read the first meditation, I couldn’t stop there! It was sent to me by the ministry of pastor and evangelist James Robison as a gift for donations. Your manner of explaining and describing basic theology and Biblical history is such a fresh revelation that I, at the age of 74 now, learned much more than I have in all my years of being a believer! I then looked at your books on Amazon, read your bio, looked at your blog, and your home church site. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents! I haven’t been to church since before the CV plague, but I love the LORD and His Word is my favorite daily food. I wish I knew of a local home church in the Cypress TX area. But then, we are moving to a rather remote little town of Hallettsville TX in a few weeks so I’m having to start over because my husband bought some land and has been building a house on it for the last 5 years and I must follow. Reluctantly and with concern I might add. ????

  39. Euna Holland Smith

    David today I spoke with your mother Patty Holland. She told me where you are and that you’re still doing the riding you were doing when I got acquainted with you at a reunion on the lake near broken Bow. I am a cousin do you sort of I want to be your friend but I’m not very good at it on the computer and I’m not sure how to make you my friend or ask you to be my friend. Would you consider telling me how. I see you have done so much more work since I knew you then you had at that time. You must be a very busy busy person.

  40. David Holland

    Thank you so much for you kind words, Glenda. May God give you grace and strength for your relocation. And may you find unexpected joy in it.

  41. David Holland

    Hi Ken,
    Fashions and styles have changed consistently over the centuries. Seems the only constant is change. Change is harder for some than others. Can’t speak for others but I find that the belly I’ve grown over the last couple of decades makes wearing a shirt tail out both more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing (to most, not all, obviously).

    The primary focus of my teaching ministry is to help move people from lifeless “religion” to life-giving connection to God by His grace. My experience suggests that a preoccupation with form and outward appearances is sign that “religion” is in the driver’s seat. There is great freedom, joy, and fruitfulness to be found in rejecting religion and embracing the rest in Jesus’ finished work. By book, Praying Grace, is crafted and anointed to help lead you into just such freedom.

  42. Patti

    Ordered Your Book From TBN Watched u and Matt on tv.. I m going to read in abt 5 mins.. I m wondering what the books abt? ???? lol Thank U for writing the book abt praying which i often do like I used to smoke for almost @ every hour! No smoking! Yes praying! ????????

  43. David Holland

    It’s an easy read. Lots’s of short, bite-sized bits of inspiration. Hope it blesses you!

  44. Charlie Coleman

    My name is Charlie Coleman
    After observing and reading some of your material and reading some of the comments from the people in your relationship. A house Church stood out in my spirit in relationship to the early church that confirmed a spirit that you have in your ministry that is growing and growing with the relationship of me looking God in his face all the time. Thank you for being here for the church.

  45. David Holland

    Thank you, Charlie. Yes, the early churches clearly met “house to house.” And continued to do so until Constantine de-criminalized and de-stigmatized the Jesus faith. We have found it to be a rich, powerful, sweet expression of ekklesia. And everywhere I go, I’m encountering people who are feeling and seeing the same things. Something’s happening and it’s good.

  46. Val DeOliveira

    Hi David,
    Thanks for writing the book Praying Grace, especially the chapter “The Adventure of Prayer”
    Here is what I’ve taken away from your book,
    “What a privilege”
    “What am adventure”
    If only all believers could see prayer
    as a privilege and adventure, wow!
    I rest my case.
    Thanks again.

  47. Patricia Dailey

    everything in my life is a mess. i was not sure that living was worth it. you where on tbn as went to bed last night. sharing about Praying Grace. thank you.

  48. David Holland

    Oh Patricia, how dear to God you are. How present and “with you” He longs to be in your pain and struggle. You can put the full weight of all the hope you can muster upon His goodness and kindness. Better days ahead.

  49. Holly Hevenor Boyle

    I read Praying Grace and absolutely love it. It has changed my way of praying. So many things I never realized. Thank you for pointing them out to me. It has made me stronger in my prayer life. I would like to know if if you know of anyone who has ever been healed be praying to our Mighty God.

  50. David Holland

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Holly. The answer to you question is, “Yes!” I have personally experienced supernatural healing and personally know many others who have as well. This kind of health and healing is best accessed, not by asking God to heal you, but rather by receiving by faith the healing that Jesus has already abundantly provided through His complete work on the cross. Blessings!

  51. Ann Hall

    Thank you so much Dear Brother in Christ for your faithfulness and obedience to Christ in all you do. I deeply appreciate your book CHRISTMAS GRACE. I enjoyed it tremendously it brought a new meaning to me about our King and Lord and deeper appreciation for His Mother and earthly Father. I always respected Mary for being chosen to bring our King to us. But as a Christian I didn’t reference her correctly. This book made my Christmas a joy. My deep appreciation to you.
    Ann Hall

  52. Arlene Lewis

    Hi David, I first saw you on TBN over a year ago, talking about Praying Grace, I was led by the spirit to order it. It Is the best devotional I have ever read. I also ordered Christmas Grace. Both are exceptional. I ordered several for Christmas gifts that year. When I finished Praying Grace I turned it right back over and started again and have done that at least 5 times now Every day brought a new revelation, it was so encouraging to me. This April my husband 0f 40 years passed away, thankfully saved. I brought the book to the hospital with me, we were there 10 days ,some how I lost it in the transition, so when I got home I started on Christmas Grace, I just got through with the last page and will turn it around and start over. I saw your web sight on the last page and found you. So happy! Thank you for all the background information you give on the subjects you write about. Truly both are wonderful books

  53. David Holland

    Arlene, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging note. I’m delighted to hear you found the devotionals a blessing. My own sweet wife is on her fifth or sixth pass through Praying Grace. She reads one entry each morning as we have coffee and then reads the declaration out loud. I was saddened to hear of the passing of your husband, but happy to know he is beholding the face of the Savior.

    Again, thank you so much for connecting here. Blessings and comfort to you, sister.

  54. Susan

    I just ordered your Praying Grace:55 and your Praying Grace for Women books and I am looking forward to reading them. I just “happened” to turn on TBN during the last 10 min you were talking. I have been seeking and asking God saying, “How do I pray? I don’t know how and everyone I hear has a different idea. I am so confused.” When I heard you talk I felt like God was saying here it is. This is what you are looking for. I hope I heard right!
    I am a fairly new Christian, who thru a series of “I just ‘happened’ upon” some Spirit filled Christian sites online that I am BEGINNING to understand salvation, who I am in Christ, who God is, what He has done for me thru Christ and the authority I have in Christ. Because I grew up with a lot of abuse and a hell and brimfire based church, I was struggling with understanding grace, unconditional love, forgivness and acceptance from a Holy God. I cried out to God for help to grasp the truth because I was so tormented by evil thoughts and lies that I had committed the unpardonable sin and every other unimaginable lie. I knew that I knew that Jesus was the only answer but at times I felt like I was losing my mind. It’s been a hard fight to be free of all those strongholds. Literally many many hours spent reading and meditating on the word and crying out to God for help. At first I couldn’t remember any scriptures. I had to speak them out loud every single day for a month straight and plead the blood over my mind and me several times a day. Every morning it was like I was starting all over. Then the scriptures slowly came and started taking root, and I started seeing the light coming thru. I persisted in seeking the Truth and always will. I know that it is only in fellowship with and trusting in the Lord that I can be all He made me to be, but the mindsets and the ways of dealing with life before Christ still try to take control. But I can see progress every month. Please pray for me to find the right church. I live in a small fural town with only a few old traditonall churches. Thank you.

  55. David Holland

    Oh, Susan. Thank you so much for this note. I believe with all my heart that you were indeed led to order those two devotionals. And I’m equally sure that they will help you discover your true identity in Jesus. Loved, cherished, accepted, qualified … wrapped in Jesus’ own righteousness as you approach a kind and gentle heavenly Father who wants only the best for you. My wife Tracy and I are praying you’ll find a community of believers who understand the goodness of God and the astonishing breadth of Jesus’ finished work on your behalf.

  56. Gerri Shankle

    David, I sure am enjoying your devotional, “Praying Grace”. I agree with you!! I pray the declarations out loud! This morning I decided to look and see how to order more books for my friends, and “found” you here!

    I’m going to check out your podcasts!

    THANK YOU for the devotional!

  57. Linda

    I read your lovely inspiring book three times. Sadly my prayers of 10 plus years haven’t been answered,still stuck in uncertainty
    I’m a senior now so my hopes and dreams for the future seem dismal
    It’s a constant struggle to keep believing when nothing seems to be changing
    Thanks for your ministry,you are obviously blessed!

  58. David Holland

    Hi Linda,
    First thank you so much for reading the book and for your kind words. I can’t know what it is you’re hoping to see change, but there are a couple of things I do know. God is good and loves you desperately. I also know that he is not finished working IN you and THROUGH YOU. “He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect and perform it until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6) I also know that when we pray, things in the invisible realm go into motion in ways we can’t perceive with our natural eyes. Every prayer you’ve prayed is still active. Still working. Your words encouraged me and that’s a ministry. My encouragement to you is to keep your focus outward, on others, and trust the goodness of the God who made you to accomplish what concerns you. Blessings. DH

  59. Mariana Moraru

    Hi my name is Mariana I’m from Romania but I live in Arizona. My friend Nancy got the book “Praying Grace “ today June 30/2024. I can’t wait to use the wonderful book to help me out with my prayer. It’s a new to me.. I don’t know about the book and about you but I want to be more close to God and learning more and more. I need help in my prayers to understand God’s plan with me and my family. God bless you

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