New! And only for God’s Daughters

Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

My newest devotional, Praying Grace for Women, is now available for presale on Amazon. And I bet a question popped into your mind the moment you saw the title. It’s a question I address directly, right out of the gate in the Introduction to the book. Here are the opening paragraphs . . .

I know what you’re thinking: A devotional for women by a man? My hope is that you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt and dive into a few of the entries here before you dismiss me. I had compelling reasons to write the collection of meditations you hold in your hands.
For one thing, my journey through life has gifted me with a front-row seat for what daughters of God battle daily and what causes them to thrive in God. You see, I’m in my fourth decade of marriage to one such woman. I love and admire her more than I can express. I really, really like her, too. I know it’s a cliché, but she is my best friend.
Together, we were gifted with three daughters who, by God’s enabling grace, we’ve watched grow into remarkable women of God. Now our babies are having babies, and of our seven grandchildren, we count five girls in the mix. I’ve been surrounded by glorious femininity for about as long as I can remember.
I’m confident that if you were to ask any of these ladies if I have some helpful spiritual insights to share about appropriating God’s abundant grace for rest, peace, intimacy with God, and breakthrough, I’d get a rousing endorsement from them. (At least from the ones who can talk.)

Secondly, spiritual truth is spiritual truth. I was profoundly encouraged to discover my previous book, Praying Grace: 55 Meditations on the Finished Work of Christ, had struck a chord with many women. I’ve heard from many who expressed profound gratitude for that devotional over the last few years and have let me know that they are on their fourth, fifth, or ninth pass through the work. I believe this collection will also find a treasured place on the nightstands and end tables of many women of God.

Like my previous devotionals, Praying Grace and Christmas Grace, these 55 entries provide a key scripture verse, a meditation on that verse, and a special kind of prayer–a prayer of declaration–the puts the truth of that scripture on your lips.

All of them reveal life-giving insights about God’s goodness, the depths and breadth of Jesus’ complete redemptive work on the cross, and very importantly, what the work means for you.

The devotions are divided into four sections:

  • Grace for Rest
  • Grace for Intimacy with God
  • Grace for Peace
  • Grace for Breakthrough

I’m hoping you’ll order in now. Why would you order a book that won’t be available for three more months? There is only one reason. It will help and bless me. Preorders are helpful to authors, especially ones that no one has ever heard of (like yours truly).

I wrote out of love for these people:

We’ve added one more girl since this picture was taken.

Praying Grace for Women contains things that I want the women I love the most to know the best. I suspect it will bless you or the woman you love the most, too.