Share a Free Sample of My New Devotional

The good folks over at the YouVersion Bible app and the site Bible dot com have graciously provided a seven-day sample of devotions from my newest devotional.

Go “taste and see” that the book is good! Or if you already have the book, how about going over there anyway and using the “share” buttons to give your network of friends the good news. People love free stuff!

Go now!

The Podcast Has Launched!

Finally. It’s out there in the wild. A fun and illuminating weekly-ish exploration of the beauties and benefits of the New Covenant; featuring interviews and discussions with leading proponents of grace and rest through the finished work of Jesus.

Where can you find it? Pretty much everywhere podcasts are distributed.

But if you want the full effect . . . audio AND video . . . you’ll want to pop over to my YouTube channel and subscribe.

Now you can get encouragement and light for living a lifestyle of rest while you workout, do chores, or commute!