Happy 100th, Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming (May 31, 1907 – August 9, 1971) would have been 100 today.

Who, you ask, is Peter Fleming? As his wikipedia entry rightly summarizes, Peter Fleming was “a British adventurer and travel writer.”


Oh, to live in an era in which “adventurer” is a legitimate job description!

You may be more familiar with the work of his kid brother—Ian. My last issue of New Criterion had a great essay on this remarkable and neglected writer to mark his 100th birthday.

Hmmm, I wonder how many degrees of separation there are between me and ‘ol Peter? Well, Peter attended Eton and Oxford just a few years before theologian Derek Prince did, and they definitely would have known of each other at King’s College and interacted there.

Derek Prince’s grandson, Christopher Selby is a good friend and Derek Prince Ministries has been a long-standing client. So there you have it! Happy Birthday ol’ chum!