The Coming “Republican Debacle in 2008″

In my previous post, I offered my first shocked-and-awed thoughts about the “immigration compromise” to a breathless world, clamoring to know my take.  If I am in any way typical, it’s a deep self-inflicted wound for the Republican Party. But maybe I’m not typical.  

So, how does this Amnesty-in-Drag hurt Republican prospects in the near term. Today David Frum basically says, “let me count the ways!” In this post he reels off not five, not six, not seven, but eight ways this damages Republican prospects in the next election.

 A tender morsel:

6) As we have seen in both the Harriet Miers fight and the Dubai ports deal, this White House’s first instinct when faced with dissent in the ranks is to insult and abuse its strongest supporters. “Sexist”; “elitist”; “registered bigots” were some of the terms cast during the previous fights. Brace yourselves for much, much worse. This is no way to win friends and influence people. And triggering an internecine party conflict on the eve of a difficult and dangerous election is no way to re-elect a damaged incumbent party.