Global Warming Scarmongery

I’m convinced that future generations will view the current feverish hype about global warming very much like we view the witch trial hysteria that gripped Salem, Massachussetts back in 1692.

We view the Salem trials as both ridiculous and tragic. Regarding this current madness—the presence of Al Gore as a self-appointed savior of the world automatically covers  the ridiculous side of that equation. And the fact that public schools all over the nation have been given the “An Inconvenient Truth” curriculum to frighten and indoctrinate an entire generation of impressionable young children qualifies as full-on tragedy.

A few months ago I laid out a “Not-So-Concise Guide to Global Warming Scaremongery” in my other blog.

Now, before the brainwashing materials have even been fully distributed to the nations children, the much-touted “scientific consensus” on global warming has already begun to look remakably un-consensus-y. Take, for example the article Drudge was shouting about yesterday.  

It is an article by a very credible scientist/professor type person in Canada. Here’s a tidbit:

Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world, especially Canada.

The real scientific consensus that is just beginning to emerge is that it is the cycles of the sun, not people-produced greenhouse gases, that is driving the earth’s cycles of warming and cooling.