Immigration. Again.

There are far too many powerful groups in Washington with an interest in seeing the country flooded with dirt cheap labor from South of the border for the Immigration “reform” bill to be allowed to die a dignified death.

1. The Democrat party leaders correctly see the flood as a party-building exercise. It’s a way to shift the electoral balance in their favor for generations to come, even if it does screw the Unions, blue collar workers in general, and the working poor — all groups they claim to champion.

2. Multinational and trans-national corporations which largely don’t give a rip about American cultural identity, or national security for that matter, are also deploying their considerable influence in both political parties.

3. And then there’s the President, whose compassionate-conservativism, on this issue, is all the first element and none of the second.

 Thus, that charging bull elephant I mentioned in a previous post is about to take another run at congressional approval.

I like David Frum’s recent take on this:

I for one am absolutely open to considering an amnesty plan at any date after the FIFTH anniversary of the completion of border control measures, including an effective employment verification system.

It’s not unlike what I said on this post, i.e., “Let’s secure the borders and then schedule a time to chat about our current illegals in, say, four or five years.”