Leaked—Rosie O’Donnell’s Monday “To Do” List

Found  outside a New Jersey Taco Mayo. . .


 1. ___ Find that scrawny b**** E.H.. Kill & Eat

2. ___ Become 4th Dixie Chick (mandolin lessons!)

3. ___ TrumpDump! (Drive by Trump’s house. Poop on lawn. again)

4. ___ Look like crap. (get someone to video it)

5. ___ Check Daily Kos, Dem. Und., comment threads for fresh insights + rage infusion.

6. ___  Make fire. Fail to melt steel.

7. ___ Stop by Blockbuster. Return “Conspiracy Theory”, “V is for Vendetta”. Pick up “Clean and Sober”,  + Goobers! Raisinettes!