One of the Funniest Things I’ve Seen in a Long Time


I’m a big fan of the old Wallace & Grommit claymation films. In recent weeks I had been seeing some CBS promos for a new series by W&G creator Nick Park in which regular Americans (meaning eccentrics, oddballs, and neurotics) are interviewed and then the audio is put into the mouths of claymation characters. It’s hard to explain, you just have to see it.

I had missed the debut program so I was grateful when friend and colleague, Jon, over at sent me a link to the CBS site where the entire program, sans all but a couple of commercials, is avialable for streaming.

If you have a pretty fast internet connection and 21 minutes to laugh out loud, I say go to Episode 1 of Creature Comforts as fast as your clicky finger can take you. {Note: I’m not being able to link directly to Episode 1 so you’ll need to click “Watch Full Episodes” and then choose “Episode 1.” Turn up the audio you won’t want to miss the first few seconds.}