Does TNR's "Scott Thomas" watch The Family Guy?


As regular readers know, I’ve been following the evolving story of the pseudonymous military reporter for The New Republic who uses the name “Scott Thomas” whose recent reports of outrageously dishonorable behavior by U.S. service personnel have come under increasing scrutiny (See my posts here and here.)

One such fantastic tale involves a group of soldiers from Forward Base Falcon discovering a Saddam-era mass grave containing the remains of many children. Supposedly one soldier took the top part of a child’s skull and wore it like a crown off and on for the rest of the day.

Now added to the voices pointing out the implausibility of this story comes the voice of Maj. Kirk Luedeke, a spokesman for Forward Base Falcon. NRO Online has details here.

As I was doing a little channel surfing last night before heading to bed and I came across an episode of The Family Guyin which the father, Peter, comes across an ancient Indian burial ground in his yard and proceeds to take a skull and do sophomoric things with it throughout the rest of the episode. The episode is a spoof of the movie Poltergeist, titled “Petergeist.”

Of course The Family Guy is a cartoon for adults and is filled with the usual sexual innuendo, gross-out jokes, sacrilege and off-color language, so I post this link to some highlights of this episode with some trepidation.

Nevertheless, I think it’s important because it may indicate that “Scott Thomas” may knowingly or unknowingly be incorporating an episode of a cartoon into his “reports.”

Here’s a link to a portion of the episode. Once again, PG-13 content this way lies:

This makes me wonder if there are movies and television shows that have featured young men openly mocking the face of a woman who has been disfigured in an accident, or driving wildly to intentionally run over dogs. Wouldn’t be surprised to find there are.


The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb whose questions got this whole party started continues to be the best source for updates. See his blog here.