Myths Die Hard

A logic exercise:

A: Sunnis despise Shiites.

B: Al-Qaeda is a Sunni movement.

C: Therefore there is no cooperation between Sunni Al-Qaeda and Shia Iran.

The above logic is pretty much an article of faith among the proponents of surrender and retreat in Iraq and of “dialogue” with Iran. It makes for a compelling argument except for one little flaw—though the first two premises are correct, the conclusion is wildly, glaringly, dangerously wrong.

You hear the assertion frequently from the left when arguing that we should just pull out of Iraq and let the chips fall where they may. Even well-informed, clear-headed conservatives like John Derbyshire of National Review have fallen prey to it.

Interestingly, just three hours after Derbyshire posted the thoughts linked to above on NRO’s “The Corner” today, Larry Kudlow posted this and linked to this.

Both point to the the just-released report by the NIE (National Intelligence Estimates) which shows:

  1. …that Al-Qaeda and Iran are snuggled all warm and toasty together in bed.
  2. …that Al-Qaeda in Iraq will soon be a threat, not only to women and children the schools and marketplaces of Iraq, but also American women and children in schools and malls in America.
  3. …and that the withdrawal (sorry, I mean “redeployment”) from Iraq currently being called for by congressional Democrats and shiny celebrities will make the place a safe haven for one of Al-Qaida’s most dangerous iterations. 

Thus, I think it’s time for a new logic exercise for the white-flag Democrats. Let’s ask them the following series of questions.

A: Given that Al-Qaeda continues to seek to attack U.S. citizens on their own soil; should we be taking the fight to Al-Qaeda when and where we can? Like in Afghanistan? If yes…

B: Given that Al-Qaeda is currently very present and active in Iraq AND we have a huge, ready-to-fight force in Iraq AND wide latitude to attack them; shouldn’t we stay there and engage them? If no…

C: You need to explain. Why do you advocate fighting Al-Qaeda everywhere except in Iraq, where have the greatest ability and freedom to fight them? And finally…

D: Why should any American trust you to defend our interests, our economy, and our very lives?