Of Dads and Baby Girls

A good friend joined the club last night. He became a “Dad” for the very first time. Entrusted to him for his stewardship was the life and future of a baby girl, who, as I can attest, will become a teenager with heartbreaking speed.

My first baby girl will head off to Baylor University in 44 days. My youngest will be asking for the car keys in a little more than a year.

What happens in the blurry rush of days between seeing her blanket-swaddled face for the very first time and watching it recede in the rear view mirror at the dormitory is journey of wonder and joy. . . punctuated by moments of teeth-grinding irritation.

I have three daughters. No sons. And no regrets. No, not one. I have loved every single moment of being “Daddy” to girls.

And so, congratulations good friend. Enjoy the first day of the hardest, best, most mystifying, most rewarding job you’ve ever had.