An absolutely gorgeous day in North Texas today. Clear blue skies and the mildest temps we’ve had in months. Perfect really. Identical to the day we were having six years ago.

 I’ll have some deep thoughts about big things late tonight when I can spare some time. But in the meantime:

• James Lileks has posted the video he put together six years ago.

• Here’s a two-year-old Bill Bennet essay that still rings with relevance after yesterday’s Abomination of Defamation by Move-On/Code Pink . Here’s an excerpt, but please do read the whole thing.

It is not just the terrorist threat that we have to deal with now, but the grievance culture under it, that has taken such a strong hold in the West. It may, in fact, prove the greater threat because it takes away our greatest protection against terrorism: moral clarity. Where once our law and culture were based on assigning blame on a perpetrator of wrong, and personal responsibility was a commonplace (as well as commonsense), a new psychology has taken hold in Western culture. Where once we punished and fought, we now psychologize and debate the causes of anger and terror. We, to borrow from Shakespeare, have made the wrong medicines of our great revenge.