Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City

Or so they claim. I’m dubious. I’ll try to confirm that when I go there today.

Yes, it’s once more into the breach of air travel. My optimism that things will go well is a touching triumph of hope over experience. Like, say, my experience trying to get home from Pittsburgh last week. I’ll just say it was “special” and leave it at that.

I had picked up a copy of “Best Life” magazine on the newsstand at the Pittsburgh aiport. I was in the middle of my second extended ground  delay of the day when I remembered I had slipped the publication into my computer bag. As I thumbed through it, I came across an article about increasing air travel snarls titled, “Delayed and Confused.”

The lead line of the article was:

I have flown 110 flights in the last year. Precisely 10 arrived on time.

I suspect we may be witnessing the collapse of the airline’s hub-spoke  system. I’ll post more on this later. They’re calling my flight!