Our Winter Wonderland

Well, we actually had a couple of days and nights last week that were cold enough to rationalize a fire in the fireplace. But now highs have jumped back up into the 60s with more and some 70s forecast right through the first week of December. If I can ever dig out of work hole I’ve been in for the last few months, there is some December golf in my future.

That’s one of the great things about living in North Texas. December and January almost always give you some golf days. Which makes up for the days in July and August where you only play if you can get a 6am tee time because a mid-day tee time demands the skills of Survivor Man and the foolhardiness of a Dancing with the Stars contestant.

Back in my Minnesota years, golf ended in mid-to-late September and usually didn’t return until early May. But in that five-month window, there were some beautiful courses to play and some beautiful weather in which to play them, IF you could get a tee time. Demand was high. Courses that looked like this…