"Irony sensors. . .overloading."

First, Canadian Muslim groups drag Mark Steyn before their ridiculous Human Rights Commission because they were deeply offended by his assertion that Muslim groups would be likely to drag people like him before silly commissions when offended.

Today, I learn that liberals are so worked up by Jonah Goldberg’s new book, Liberal Fascism, that they are behaving like jackbooted fascist brownshirts. . . who are liberal.

This afternoon, I see that some Ron Paul-loving shadowy militia-thug, soldier-of-fortune type is subtly threatening NRO with violence and OKC-style terrorism for linking to a New Republic story that. . .wait for it. . . suggests that Paul used to have a constituency of shadowy militia types.

Ahh, to be so blissfully non-self-aware.

By the way, I used to receive a couple of those Ron Paul newsletters that were the focus of that New Republic piece. They were among the “gold bug” publications I mentioned in this post. And I see Paul is disavowing them, saying he didn’t write them.