Justice Never Goes Out of Style

Even if nehru jackets do.


The first season of The Mod Squad recently came out on DVD. This show debuted when I was nine and I love it. I had a major crush on Peggy Lipton. And I wanted to be “Pete Cochran,” the character played by Michael Cole.

See the silk neckerchief sported by Cole in the photo above? Had some! Wore ’em!

After the show ended, I never noticed any of these guys in anything in again until Clarence Williams III popped up as Prince’s abusive Dad in Purple Rain.

Although I see from IMDB that Peggy Lipton has stayed fairly busy and was a regular on the two seasons of Twin Peaks (a show I never bothered to watch though it generated tons of buzz. David Lynch gives me the creeps) and was in a few episodes of Alias.

I see Williams III makes a small uncredited appearance in Denzel Washington’s highly-praised new film, American Gangster.