Pressing Deadlines

A number of pressing deadlines are going to make for light blogging here over the next two weeks. My apologies. Nevertheless, I will try to post links to items I find noteworthy.

For example,

 I have argued in the past that Mike Huckabee may be more a man of the Christian Left rather than the Christian Right—although he has been tacking hard to the right for weeks now (immigration, taxes, even backing off his federal anti-smoking stance) as any candidate hoping to appeal to a majority of Republican primary voters must do–I likened his stances to those of evangelical liberal Jim Wallis.

I mention it because of this post by Ramesh Ponnuru about Wallis over at NRO. Excerpt:

Every time I read him on this subject [abortion], I get the impression that he is running for something. It’s not because his remarks don’t make logical sense. They don’t, but coherence as a thinker on any topic is not his gift. It’s because they always seem carefully evasive. His new booklooks like a rehash of his old one, plus a foreward by Jimmy Carter. Its discussion of abortion follows the same personally-opposed-plus-Bible-quotes track that he has lately traveled.