A Blather Birthday

blatherbirthday.jpg Self-indulgence alert! This happy little corner of the blogosphere was launched one year ago today. In the middle of a typically frenetic day, I launched this venture by dashing off a quick post titled, “The Blather Begins,” and wrote:

A day is coming in which this will be a place characterized by incisive cultural commentary, startling wit, and gratifying prose. This is not that day.

Hopefully there have been a few days since that one that have come close to living up to that brassy promise. Though blogging by definition and by nature results mostly in what James Lileks calls “dashed off tripe,” there have been a few posts over the last solar orbit of which I am fond. I now see they are the ones that I typed with gritted teeth, moistening eyes or as I laughed at my own oddball sense of humor.These, such as they are, are my favorites Blather moments so far. Maybe you missed one or more:

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Finally, on this auspicious anniversary, it would be bad form if I didn’t point out how consistently amazed I that friends like you stop by here on a regular basis to see what I’m going on about.

Amazed… and deeply grateful.