I'll See Your Hagee, and Raise You a Farrakhan and a Wright

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Was it really only two weeks ago that Democrats and Liberals were in full, indignant cry over Pastor John Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain?  Of course, in this election cycle, two weeks is an eternity.

Now, with a new flaming Revered Dr. Jeremiah Wright hate-bomb dropping every four to five hours, I’m guessing Howard Dean and the folks at the official Democrat Party web site are so wishing they hadn’t written this:

John McCain Should Denounce Hagee Endorsement, Anti-Catholic Remarks

In his struggle to shore up his base, John McCain has once again cast aside his principles by embracing Rev. John Hagee, saying he was “pleased to have the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee,” despite his intolerant comments about Catholics, women, African Americans, Muslims and LGBT Americans.

Yes, way back on February 29,  the rafters of the liberal blogosphere were ringing with anguished laments about how “sad” and “revealing” it was that McCain would allow himself to be associated with someone as “divisive” as Pastor Hagee.

But for sweet irony, it’s hard to beat consummate liberal blowhard Glenn Greenwald’s posturing about the Hagee endorsement here. In the bright light of the Revelation of St. Wright, it’s so chock-full of petard-self-hoistage it’s hard to choose just one example. This nugget is tasty though. Greenwald wrote:

The fact that McCain thinks he can get away with openly embracing one of the most influential and hateful bigots in the country is a reflection of the profound media double standard he knows favors and protects him. Just imagine if Obama had issued a statement similar to McCain’s with regard to Farrakhan: “I am very proud of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s spiritual leadership to thousands of people” and “don’t have to agree with everyone who endorses my candidacy. I’m still ‘honored” to have his support.”

(emphasis is Greenwald’s)

Of course we don’t have to “imagine” Obama saying something like that. He has said precisely that. But not about some distant preacher he’s never even heard speak. He’s said it about his pastor and mentor of two decades.

Let’s set aside for a moment the dubious equating of John Hagee with Louis Farrakhan. The fact is, McCain, being McCain, quickly distanced himself from the Hagee endorsement. But as others have pointed out (here, here and here for example), there is no way Obama can repudiate Wright’s growing inventory of hateful and kooky pronouncements without either looking like an idiot or a conniving cynic.

The Obamas have sat under Wright’s teaching for more than 20 years. The title of Obama’s signature book, The Audacity of Hope, was inspired by a Wright sermon. Thus, we are left with only two possibilities:

  1. Barack Obama actually believes the hateful and dangerous Black Liberation Theology that his pastor espouses.

  2. He has been cynically and dishonestly attending Wright’s large Chicago church for two decades for political advantage.

Neither is a particularly flattering option—especially for a unifying political savior who’s going to help us all “rise above politics.”

But given Michelle Obama’s famous pronouncements about what a mean place America is and how she has not found a single thing about this country to feel pride in during her adult life, I think we can safely guess which of the two options above is true for her.