Only a Generaration of Post-Modern Historical Illiterates Could Think This is Cool

Propaganda posters from early in the 20th Century.


Propaganda posters from early in the 21st Century.


The creepy dimensions of the Left’s Obama fetish just continue to unfold. And if many of the official and unofficial Obama posters bear a striking resemblence to marxist and fascist “Glorious Leader” posters from last century, it’s no accident. The guy who is designing many of the Obama posters is the same guy whose “art” involves creating posters such as these.


American Digest has a fascinating analysis of this whole propaganda vibe. And as I suggested in the headline of this post, the same clueless trend-sheep that buy and wear Che Guevara T-shirts think the whole retro-propaganda thing is oh-so-very chic. And if you’re using it to sell jeans and skateboards, maybe it is.

But when you appropriate the aesthetic of those who marketed the divinization of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and the rest of the 20th Century’s blood-soaked, genocidal monsters in order to promote a candidate for the most powerful elected office in the world. . .

Well you’ve just turned the creepy knob to “11”.