I'm Feeling Cling-y

Watching millionaires play golf on a course I’m not rich enough to get near made me feel extra bitter about my economic prospects this weekend. So, what did I do?

  • I grabbed my freshly cleaned Glock 9mm and concealed weapon permit;
  • Perused my large collection of T-shirts with clever slogans expressing antipathy to people who aren’t like me; ultimately selecting the Toby Keith/Angry American/Boot-themed shirt;
  • And went to church.

Felt much better.

Or less bitter anyway.

Of course, I’m waxing snide about our latest unintended peek into what Senator Obama really thinks. This time the glimpse comes as “The One” (as Oprah like to call him), was trying to help a group of wealthy San Franciscans understand why a lot of the folks in fly-over country aren’t as progressive and enlightened as they are. “Just a better union job and more walking around money and those backward folks will stop “clinging” to crutches like belief in God and Second Amendment rights,” was the gist of it.

It’s funny though. The economy here in Texas is very good, and has been for some time. We didn’t have a housing bubble so we’ve had no bust in values. Housing is some of the cheapest in the nation. Jobs are plentiful. The economy is diversified but $110-a-barrel oil has squirted a lot of extra cash into the system.

Given the Senator’s thesis, we should be experiencing a tide of apostasy and backsliding in our churches right about now. And a commensurate rise in “okayness” with gun control legislation. And the paint should be almost dry on our new “Welcome Illegal Immigrants!” banners for every small Texas town’s Main Street.

But we’re not.

The churches are growing. You can still have our guns when you pry them from our cold dead fingers. And we still think the rule of law means something and Western Civilization is worth protecting from massive waves of unassimilated, unskilled, paid-under-the-table humanity.

Which might lead a reasonable person to conclude that the Glowing One is operating from some flawed premises.