How Hot is It?

It hit 107 late this afternoon. Same story tomorrow.When it gets hot and dry for an extended period, we sometimes start seeing animals around the house looking for water–creatures that ordinarily keep their distance.

Today the girls were in the pool and reported seeing a couple of hawks swooping low over the backyard. At one point I walked out into the blast furnace and saw one of the hawks sitting on a low branch of one of the trees by the pool. Around sunset I could hear their screechy cries from all the way inside.

I looked out back and saw one of the mated pair standing beside the pool by a puddle of water that had splashed out. The mate was in a tree right above. Grabbed the camera and shot this:backyard-hawk.jpg

These are not the Red Tailed Hawks that I commonly see perched atop telephone poles. As best as I can tell, I now have a pair of pet Broad Winged Hawks–which customarily pass through Texas on a migration route between Central America and the East Coast of the U.S..At least I hope that’s what they are. If they’re actually an endangered species, it might goof with my home sale. (Which gets consummated in about two weeks.)

Where are we moving, you ask?

Great question. I’ll get back to you on that.