The Move Begins

We moved into this house seven years ago last month. The heat index was about 105 the day we moved in. It was roughly the same as Mrs. Blather and I spent the day moving the contents of the garage into the portable “Pod” storage container that had been dropped at the foot of our driveway this morning.

Pod #2 is delivered on Thursday. #3 on Saturday. And #4, if necessary, on Monday. We close on the sale of our home on Tuesday.

I’m not sure what it’s like to move in mild, pleasant weather. We moved to Minneapolis from Oklahoma City in January of 1994. The daytime high the day we arrived was 18 below zero. We moved to Texas at the end of June of 1999, and the temps were crazy hot. Today, absolutely ridiculous amounts of sweat poured out of me. Changed clothes twice.

We do have a place to move, I’m happy to report. As I explained in this post, we have decided to rent for a while. But finding a place to lease that will accommodate the five of us, all our furniture, and four cars turned out be a challenge. But we are reminded that God is rarely early but He is always on time. A great place popped onto the market a few days ago and the location couldn’t be better.

We’ll be in the new place in a week and a day. No sweat. (Well, maybe a little.)