Obama Victory Less a "Sure Thing" Then We're Being Sold

At the end of a gloomy post last week about McCain’s chances, I wrote:

If the markets stabilize this coming week AND gas prices continue to come down AND some other unforeseen event actually works to McCain’s benefit (for a change)–the race could tighten back up.

Well, the first two of those conditions seem to have been met. And according to several polls, McCain has indeed gotten much more competitive. Today Zogby has McCain down by less than 3 points. If there is any degree of Wilder Effect at all, the race could be a dead heat.

But you wouldn’t know that by watching or reading the mainstream media. “It’s all over.” “It’s Obama by a landslide.” “Why bother with an expensive election, let’s just declare Obama President by acclamation.”

This is the dominant meme in the press. And it’s being put forth for a reason. The hope is to dishearten those who aren’t so much voting for McCain as against Obama (people like me, in other words)  so they won’t bother to vote. This is known as an attempt at voter suppression.

Barring any additional big, momentum shifting event, I think the race now hinges on two unknown factors.  How big will the Wilder Effect be among independents who have told pollsters they are voting for Obama; and how successful will the Dems voter fraud efforts be through organizations like ACORN.

The second factor is potentially huge. It is now universally known that in 1960, Joseph Kennedy used money to generate voter fraud to put his son over the top in a super-close election. The location of that election-buying crime?  Why, Barack Obama’s home base of Chicago, of course–America’s headquarters for crooked politicians and dead voters.