Voting Early (If Not Often)

Went ahead and cast my vote today. Not that any of my favored candidates really needed my help. When you live in the reddest of cities in the reddest of counties in the reddest section of one of America’s reddest states–you don’t really get the feeling that your vote is making a huge difference. Votes in the primaries tend to be much more meaningful.

Female Offspring Unit #1 cast her very first vote today. That’s a significant milestone. I have it on good authority that she voted well.

I remember my very first presidential vote. It was for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and I was thrilled to cast it. My vote today didn’t feel like that one. It felt more like my vote for Bob Dole in 1996. The difference being, Republicans had taken control of Congress in 1994, the Internet bubble economy was rocking along nicely, and the prospect of a second Clinton term wasn’t remotely as troubling as the thought of an Obama presidency.

Today, the Senate and House are in the hands of irresponsible know-nothings. The world economy is teetering on the edge of a precipice. The Russians and the Chinese are actively making trouble for the U.S. all over world. And today a responsible source in Israel says the Iranians are considering a preemptive strike on Israel.

Today my daughter may have cast her first vote in the most important U.S. election since 1860.