Back Up On the Hobby Horse


I still haven’t gotten a breakthrough on restoring all the history of this blog. But thanks to the helpful suggestion of faithful reader, Ted, I did utilize Google’s cache feature to retrieve the text from eight or nine of the posts I’d be most saddened to lose. (Ted, if you’re not currently frozen solid there in Minnesota, I thank you.”

Now that I have retrieved those old posts, I may re-post a few of them and also bring back some of my favorite header graphics from the past (like the one above). Sort of a “greatest hits” approach, except for the fact the nothing was great and none of them were hits.

Now on to current events . . .

Longtime readers of this blog know that border security and illegal immigration are prize hobby horses of mine.  Not surprisingly, this headline picked up by various news agencies from a story in the El Paso Times caught my eye:

Joint Forces Warns of Mexico Collapse

Opening paragraphs:

Mexico is one of two countries that “bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse,” according to a report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command on worldwide security threats.

The command’s “Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008)” report, which contains projections of global threats and potential next wars, puts Pakistan on the same level as Mexico. “In terms of worse-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.

What is the “Joint Forces Command”? Wikipedia has a good summary here.

It’s easy for the pro-open-borders guys on the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal and other East Coast elites to wax philosophical about immigration and border security. Living in the Manhattan to D.C. corridor, it’s all very theoretical.

For those of us living on the neglected border with a populous, poor nation rapidly being taken over by drug lords–the issue is a lot less abstract.