I Have Good News and Bad News . . .

First the good news:

I have a book deal. After writing several dozen books for other, more-famous people over the last 15 years, I will be co-writing one with a friend for a real-deal publisher.

Now the bad news:

It has to be finished one month from today. And I haven’t started yet.

The timeline is being driven by events and is critical to the success (hopefully) of the book.

Of course I’ll still need to keep things going with the day job. Thus blogging here and elsewhere is going to be mighty sparse for the next four weeks. I’ll try to post a link here and there if I come across an interesting tidbit. And I’ll Twitter some nonsense regularly. ┬áBut otherwise, I’m about to go under the cone of silence inside the fortress of solitude.

See you in 30 days.