Friday Blather

It’s starting to feel like Summer. Low 90s and steamy today. It’s what we call “clam bake” weather around our house–you spend the day baking and feeling clammy. The term has also morphed into a verb, as in, “Ooooh, better not hug me, I’ve been outside and I’m clambaking.” Or, “Honey, turn the air down, I’m starting to clambake.”

Switching topics from sweat to tears . . .

Check out this chart showing the purchasing power of a dollar over the last 90 years:


Found this chart over at this blog by way of Instapundit. It shows a 94% drop in purchasing power since 1933. But given the current economic policies of our government, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Well, we can always find solace in church-related humor. I liked this fake headline and news story over at Lark News:

Pastor apologizes for unintentional acrostic

SAN ANTONIO — Pastor Tom Kirkland, who spelled the phrase “u suck” in his five-point outline last Sunday, has apologized to his church.

“I should have looked it over more carefully,” he says. “It was late Saturday night when I finished. I’m sorry.”
His five points, based on the story of Abraham, were:
Understand your calling
Say yes to God
Use the abilities he gave you
Call on him during hard times
Keep going!

Read the rest of the story here.