"A" is for Affectation

Observant readers will have noticed I’ve added my middle initial to the way I identify myself on this blog and elsewhere. It is one the accomodations to my emerging status as a Tyndale House author.

Toward the end of the writing process, I was asked how I wanted my name on the cover of the book. Answering that question turned out to be less straightforward than you might imagine.

First of all, there is a British novelist named David Holland who has a few historical mysteries in print.

Then there is the Avant-garde jazz bassist, Dave Holland.

Even more problematic is the David Holland who is the former drummer for Judas Priest who is currently serving a prison sentence in the UK for sexual assault against young boys. (Thanks for adding to the prestige and glory of the name there, Daver.)

Thus, I ended up opting for being “David A. Holland” for this book and forevermore. As a student of branding, I know that means adding the “A” to all of the online manifestations of my moniker and sticking with it. So, when you see it, don’t think I’m being pretentious. I’m just trying to avoid being confused with that Judas Priest guy or those other dudes.