More Sunshine . . . The Zimbabwe-ization of America

It’s rainy and stormy here in North Texas again today. No complaints. Topping all the reservoirs off before the the annual High Pressure System parks itself directly over us for three months is a good thing. On some days in August, you can almost make out the giant “H” in the sky that is depicted on the weatherman’s map every night.

But in keeping with the weather, I’ll keep the gloom and doom flowing here for another post or two. (And all the people said, “Oh joy.”)

One thing I failed to mention in the previous post . . . among conservatives prior to the election, opinions about Barack Obama fell loosely into two camps.

  1. Those who thought Obama was a moderate pretending to be more liberal than he really was in order to placate the dominant radical left wing of his party.
  2. Those who thought Obama was a lefty radical pretending to be somewhat moderate in order to get himself elected.

There is no longer any doubt as to which hypotheses was correct. The winner is Paradigm #2. And the losers are our children.


For some time I’ve been meaning to write an extended blog post about the coming Zimbawe-ization of South Africa. What’s about to happen to that extraordinary country is an epic tragedy.

But every time I start to write it, I’m stopped by the knowledge that I need to write a post about the ongoing Zimbabwe-ization of America. By that I mean:

  • The construction of a cult of personality around a charismatic leader;
  • The whipping up of class warfare resentments in order to build grass roots support for . . .:
  • The confiscation by the government of vast amounts of private property;
  • The destruction of most incentives to work, invest or take risks;
  • The government-enforced empowerment of pernicious labor unions’
  • The destruction of the currency leading to hyper-inflation.

This catastrophic pattern is well-advanced in Zimbabwe but is also underway in Venezuela. In fact, it might be safer to label this “the Hugo Chavez-ization of America since so many on the Left these days see racism where none actually exists.  But why bother?

As the Clinton’s learned in the primaries, merely criticizing this president is tantamount to racism.