Backyard Held Hostage: Day 2


The maniacal bluejays continued to terrorize any living creature that ventured into the back yard today. (See blog post below)

Dogs having notoriously bad short term memories, our Abbie apparently forgot about the indigo kamikazes while she slept. She got about five steps into the yard on her way to do her morning business when screeching fury from above rained down upon the unsuspecting pooch. (I’ll try to get some video tomorrow.)

The offspring they’re trying to protect has managed to get himself up on a piece of our lawn furniture and today Mrs. Blather saw the mother feeding the poor thing. This generated no small measure of relief in my bride who has been pretty much obsessed with the welfare of the creature.

Nevertheless, our backyard remains a no-go zone. Abbie categorically refuses to go out there. When I open the back door and point toward the yard, she just looks at me with a face that says, “Are you serious? YOU go out there.”