My Bleg of a Few Weeks Ago

Dear readers,

The response to my request a few weeks ago for help in the form of book reviews over at Amazon has been stunning. Just not in a good way. By way of reminder, I wrote:

If you’ve ordered and read the Paul Harvey book, would you be so kind as to go to the Amazon page for the book and write a review? (Preferably a favorable one!)

So far we have three reviews. Two of them are by work-mates who have to look me in the eye every day. The other is by my brother-in-law.

Yes, I’m being needy and self-absorbed. We all have lives. I also realize that of the few hundred people who read this blog each week, only a few dozen are likely to have ordered the book. And that among those, only a handful will have had time to read it yet. And that one of more of those may not have cared for it much.

So . . . may I kindly implore the three remaining folks to go here and write a short “Hey, I liked it!”? That will double the current review count!

I also found out today the somewhere between me, the publisher and the publicist they hired, a ball was dropped. About 60 review copies of the book that were supposed to be sent to targeted media figures were not sent. (Sigh.)

Good people are scrambling now to rectify the situation.

As always, I’m grateful, humbled and baffled by your faithful patronage of BWR.