Update and a Few Random Monday Links

Spent a few days in Austin with relatives over the 4th. This will probably be the closest thing to a vacation we pull off this summer.



The promotional push for the Paul Harvey book officially kicked off on the 4th and I’ll hopefully be doing a lot of radio interviews and such through the end of the month. (I’ll keep you posted as to what, where and when.)

Mrs. Blather starts a new job this week as a design consultant at an upscale Southlake furniture store (this marks the first time in about 25 years she’s had a regular job instead of being self-employed. She may be about to go through autonomy withdrawal shock.)

Also, FOU #2 heads off to Kenya in a couple of weeks. After that we’re just hurtling toward the restart of school–including moving FOU #1 back down to Baylor. It sort of seems like this summer is ending just as it’s getting started.

Now for some links. This is stuff I happen to find interesting. If you don’t, don’t sweat it. I’m a little odd: