Update From Kenya

giraffe_nairobi_natl_parkFemale Offspring Unit #2 is settled in Nairobi with a sweet family headed by a local pastor there. She hit the ground running and has been too busy to even think about being homesick.

The apartment complex in which her host family lives is modern and, by her eyewitness report, “very cute.” But there is just one wrinkle.

Kenya is in the throes of a desperate drought. As a result, the apartment only gets water every third day. On the days in which they have water, they draw and store enough for three days drinking and cooking. This means she gets two short showers per week in that hot, dusty environment.

It’s been two years since the country got any decent rain, and some experts predict that up to 10% of Kenya’s rural population could die in the next year if they don’t get a break.

Keep her, the ministry, and the believers of that nation in your prayers.