Our Girl in Kenya


This picture above is of our Graycie, blowing soothing air onto the face of an AIDS orphan at the King’s Kids Village orphanage in Nairobi where she’s been working the past few months.

Due the the challenges of chronic water shortages, power outages and limited internet access there, we haven’t been able to communicate much. Her mother is getting pretty desperate to hear her voice. But everything we do hear indicates that she is blissfully, exhaustedly, dustily happy.

She’ll be home in about a month. A wise friend encouraged us to help prepare her for some reverse culture shock when she gets back. Others who have spent time living amid desperate need have reacted with shock and disgust at the levels of comfort, abundance, waste and ingratitude they find back home.

It will be good to have her home for the holidays. Then comes the decision about what to do this spring. I’m putting my money on her going back to Kenya for another tour of duty before starting college in the fall.