Weekend Roadtrip

Mrs. Blather and I headed down to Waco on Friday evening in order to get an early start Saturday with homecoming festivities at Baylor University with Female Offspring Unit #1.

The doin’s were big because this was Baylor’s 100th homecoming event. 100 years seems pretty impressive until you learn that Baylor was actually founded 164 years ago (it was the Republic of Texas’ first chartered university) I guess 64 years slipped by before someone thought to stage an annual homecoming event.

We were excited to attend our first Baylor football game–the opponent, 14th ranked Oklahoma State. I had purchased tickets online a few days earlier. We dressed out in full green and gold Baylor spirit gear. We arrived at the stadium a little late and found that our seats were in the middle of this section:


I had chosen the “best available” option on seats. We were three green shirts in the middle of a sea of orange.

After the game, we grabbed a quick meal at barbecue place that is very popular with the locals – – Viteks. There I had one of the most aptly named dishes I’ve ever encountered. Behold, the “Gut Pack”:


It’s a combination of frito’s, cheese, brisket, diced sausage, beans, pickles, onions and jalepenos.

It. Was. Awesome.

Later, as my gut attempted to process what I had packed into it, we watched FOU #1 perform with her sorority sisters their 1st place winning production number at the annual Pigskin Review.