What "Hide the Decline" Really Means (It's Worse Than You Think)


This long and mildly technical post by Marc Sheppard over at American Thinker is a pretty devastating explanation of just how bad the Clima-quiddick scandal is. As I read it, it occurred to me that we now have a couple of generations of “Postmodern” scientists.

By Postmodern, I mean that these scientists start with a preferred “narrative” (po-mo’s are all about narratives) — in this case, the narrative is: “Modern humans through capitalism and progress are destroying the planet. Both capitalism and progress must be rolled back to save Nature and ourselves.”

Like all good Postmoderns, these scientists ignore or suppress all information that tends to undermine or falsify the preferred narrative while seeking out and highlighting data that validates it. It’s a process tailor made to create a “scientific consensus.”