American, Pentecostalism, and the War on Terror

There’s a fascinating essay by Walter Russell Mead at the online version of “The American Interest titled: “Pentecost Power.” An excerpt:

Christianity is not only the world’s largest and fastest-growing faith.  Christianity is also the world’s most pro-American faith.  Not all Christians like American values and American ideas; from Pope Pius IX to Dietrich Bonhoeffer modern European religious history is filled with Christian thinkers and writers who have been almost as horrified and appalled by American-style capitalism and society as Sayyid Qutb.  Yet during the Cold War and again today in the struggle against the Force That Must Not Be Named overwhelming numbers of Christians worldwide, and especially in the developing countries, instinctively sided with the United States and saw us as the good guys.

(h/t Instapundit)

The truth is, if every American could instantly be made utterly intellectually honest and fully informed of the relevant facts, everyone would be rooting for the advance of evangelical Christianity around the world.

There is ovewhelming evidence it is the world’s best hope for progress, peace, and prosperity. Actually, it is its only such hope.

Here’s an older piece I’ve pointed to in the past from an intellectually honest atheist who agrees with me.