Second and Final Word About LOST

The folks over at (warning, that site is filled with, well . . . college humor) have put together a nice little compilation of some of the questions left unanswered by the writers of LOST. Note that I said “some” of the unanswered questions. There are scores of others.

I find it amusing that defenders of the show’s writers typically say, “Sure, the writers left a few loose ends untied, but . . .  blah blah. blah.” Right. Watch this:

I had actually been looking forward to buying the complete series on DVD and then re-watching each episode. I had expected to have the gratifying experience you get in re-watching an M. Night Shyamalan film and noticing all the clues and pointers that were sewn into the well crafted story.

But I now realize that in the case of LOST, re-watching the series would just be a maddening exercise in frustration as each episode waved numerous red herrings in my face that I now know are just that–meaningless details that shouted with significance and mysteries that would remain unreconciled precisely because they were irreconcilable.

As I said below, LOST is the perfect postmodern story because it contains characters that got to make up their own rules and create their own “truth” written by people who were making up their own rules.