Why I Can't Manage to Get Too Worked Up About Obama's SCoTUS Pick


I’m finding myself experiencing zen-like calm about the upcoming confirmation hearings of for Elena Kagan–our president’s pick for the latest opening of the Supreme Court.

Why? First of all Kagan is replacing a ultra-liberal justice in John Paul Stevens. She doesn’t change the ideological balance of the court in any way. Second, there is no reason to believe that, had John McCain been elected, his pick for this opening would have been much better. “Moderate” Republicans have an appalling track record in picking nominees to the court. In fact, the out-going Stevens was a Ford pick.

Until Republicans start nominating the most electable principled conservative for president instead of whomever’s “turn” it is, it’s just going to be more of the same.

So . . . yawn . . . whatever.