News From All Over (But Mostly From My Favorite Chair)

Breaking News


The official launch of the Sarah Palin book is not until September 21. But I hear from a friend that he received a message from Amazon today letting him know that his pre-order of the book had shipped.

That means those of you who were kind enough to pre-order the book should be getting yours soon as well.

It also means that I’m hoping the rest of my readers, friends, relatives, neighbors, and creditors will be so kind as to order a copy or two. Other ways to help you ask? Well, you could leave a glowing review on the book’s Amazon page. Or you could sent out an email to your vast network of contacts with a link to one of the scintillating excerpt blog posts I’ll be creating in the weeks to come.

Just remember, I have two kids in college. No pressure.

Speaking of Kids in College . . .


Female Offspring Unit #1 headed back down to Waco more than a week ago to prepare for the start of her final year at Baylor. A few days ago we drove FOU #2 up to Norman and moved her into the dorm at OU. Today FOU #3 started her junior year at Faith Christian School in Grapevine. (Yes, between the three, these annual tuition obligations total up to equal the GDP of a small Central American nation.)

Bottom line: They’re all doing well and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Border Insecurity


Did you see the news report of the Texas girl who was kidnapped near the Mexican border this weekend? Probably not. The local TV news staffs are loaded with pro-immigration types and only carry stories that fit the preferred narrative. (I hear that Glenn Beck mentioned it at the top of his program.)

A 19-year-old girl was abducted near McAllen, Texas, transported across the border to Mexico, and held for ransom.

Fortunately the lawless idiots failed to check the girl for a cell phone. It seems that when it became clear to the bandits that they had picked a girl whose family didn’t have any money, they dumped her in a field outside of Reynosa, Mexico–right across the river from McAllen.

Then the problem for police on the U.S. side was to locate her and retrieve her when they have no jurisdiction in Mexico. “Why not alert the Mexican police and have them pick her up?” you ask.

Great question. It seems the U.S. authorities didn’t feel they could engage their Mexican counterparts for fear (a well-grounded on born of experience) that they would be corrupt, or might even be complicit in the kidnapping.

But wait! This story becomes an even more bizarre metaphor for all that is wrong-headed about our border and immigration policies.

A news report today reveals that the kidnapped girl is an illegal alien who has been living here with her mother since she was six. The girl’s father lives across the border in Reynosa.

Now some are wondering if perhaps the entire kidnapping was staged by the mother in order to get the girl a “U Visa” which would give her legal resident status. U Visas are issued by the State Department to immigrants who are victims of crime.