Into the Mountainous Heart of Mexico

I have my first bit of work-related travel today in quite some time. I’m at the airport headed for the little airport in Leon, Mexico. I’m not at liberty to say much about the project but it’s an opportunity to do some interesting, and I thing very important, work.

I will be staying in a 200-year old Spanish colonial hacienda on a ranch near San Francisco De Rincon. My bride was a little concerned about my destination but I assured her that most of the trouble spots in Mexico are near the borders–north and south. I also told her I was being met at the airport by an armed guard. For some reason she didn’t find this information as comforting as I had hoped.

As I go, I have a very big life decision to make regarding my career/calling. As I wrestle with it and seek direction, I find myself wishing Dad were here so I could seek his perspective. Details on all this to come when I can share.