A String of Big Weekends

Last weekend it was the college graduation of FOU #1.

This weekend, the rehearsal dinner and wedding of the daughter of some of our closest friends. We’ve known the bride since she was about three years old and have lived within a mile of her parents in three different states. It was my privilege to play the part of emcee at post-wedding reception.

Next weekend, it’s the wedding of niece in Austin. And the weekend after that?

Well, I’m scheduled to meet with the former president of large Latin American nation to discuss his book-in-progress. ¬†And then meet with a prospective presidential candidate for that same nation.

Then we get a free weekend followed by two more family weddings. Lot’s of happy occasions. Much preferable to seeing aunts, uncles and cousins only at funerals (as was the case a couple weeks ago with the passing of my Uncle “Breezy.”)

By the time this conga line of celebration, socializing, and cake comes to a stop, we’ll officially be into summer.