Four Weddings and a Funeral

Another good weekend filled with not-writing. I’ve been doing a lot of not-writing lately. In fact, I’m cranking out some of the finest not-writing of my life.

(There’s a rumor I’m about to be nominated for a anti-Pulitzer for best non-fiction not-writing.)

This weekend we all traveled in a family caravan to Austin for the wedding of a niece. It seems we’re in a season of life in which the majority of major family get-togethers are triggered either by marriage or death. The weddings are definitely much lighter, funner affairs than the funerals.

This is our second wedding in as many weeks. And we have two more to attend in the weeks to come.

Of course as the father of three daughters who will soon be 22, 20, an 18 years of age respectively, I’m finding it nigh-unto impossible to attend these lovely, joyous things without constantly wondering how much the bride’s parents are spending on everything.

Yes, I know how ugly and crass that sounds. I fight it. Honestly, I do. But it’s a symptom of my circumstances.

I spoke to one father who mentioned that he had pretty much cleaned out his savings for his only daughter’s recent wedding. I spoke to another who had to dip into his retirement funds. Again, he had only one daughter.

Let me just say that, given the effects of the Great Recession of ’08-‘?? on my business, neither of those are currently an option for us.

I’ve been blessed with three girls. And I mean “blessed” in the sincerest, non-ironic, most gratitude-filled way imaginable. As I have mentioned in this space on numerous occasions, I have loved every second of being a father to daughters.

I have always felt, and continue to feel, like George Bailey–“the richest man in town.” (And like George, there’s probably a magistrate with a warrant for my arrest on the doorstep as I write.)

Nevertheless, we believe better days are ahead. We’re anticipating a dramatic turnaround. We’re genuinely confident things won’t always be like they’ve been the last two or three years.

And I’m sure that when our time for weddings come, we’ll have all we need to make it a wonderful day–even if that requires a miracle. I’m assured of that because Jesus will be at the top of the guest list. And He has a track record were these things are concerned (see John 2:1-11)