The Illusion of Scarcity

I’ll be refilling the bird feeders this morning. Those little guys think the seed they see on those feeders is all there is. So sometimes they fight over access to them.

They have no idea that there is a virtually unlimited supply of bird seed in my storage cabinets and at the stores around the corner. And they have no conception that it is my delight to provide food for them . . . that it brings me joy. 

For believers, scarcity is an illusion. Abundance is the reality. In His house . . .

  • Provision isn’t scarce.
  • Love isn’t scarce.
  • Significance isn’t scarce.
  • Opportunity isn’t scarce. 

Your neighbor’s blessing, windfall, promotion, or breakthrough doesn’t diminish the pool of what is available to you. Some other person’s large slice of pie doesn’t leave less for others. The pie is infinite.

So, we can rest. Breathe. 
In Him, there are unseen reservoirs of everything we need to flourish. Our Father delights in blessing in His children