Honor, Gratitude & Remembrance


When a soldier falls, it is obviously a searing event for the spouse, the children, the parents, the community. The death of a combat soldier is a tragedy. But it is a unique tragedy—one deeply infused with meaning, and honor. And yes, glory.

Today the mainstream media and the liberal cultural elites in America will make much of the losses our servicemen have suffered in the conflict in Iraq. They will do so with an agenda and with a near complete inability to grasp the code of honor and sacrifice by which men at arms live. And die.

They don’t get it.

Which makes it all the more vital that the families which produced these fallen heroes and suffered their loss, know that we do.

Each family has in their possession a folded American flag—one that graced the casket that carried their loved one home. So, on this day I’ll raise my flag high above my house. There it will fly as a silent token of my profound respect and thanks.

God bless and comfort you.