A Missive From a Rural McDonalds


Sorry for the sparse bloggage over the last few days dear friend. Since Thursday night I’ve been at “the lakehouse”—a wonderfully situated place owned by the grandfather of the wife of a brother-in-law.

It is in rural Southeastern Oklahama, about 20 miles from where I grew up. The aforementioned brother-in-law and wife are kind enough to invite us up when they book a week. It always represents a few days of rare, life-extending relaxation for me. The only available Internet access I’ve found is the wi-fi at the new local McDonalds.

Anyway, to compensate for the blog neglect, and to celebrate the spirit of the American Summer Vacation, I refer you to a hidden gem inside James Lilek’s site—an amazing collection of vintage motel postcards coupled with classic, Lileksian tongue-in-cheekiness. 

I’ll be back plowing in the regular yoke tomorrow.