Back from “the Lakehouse”. . .

. . .and I need a haircut. I actually needed a haircut before I left for the lake five days ago. Now I really need a haircut. And when a bald man needs a haircut bad, well, it’s not good.

There is much I love about the lakehouse, but best thing of all is the time travel. You see, this lake house is trapped in time — at least a part of it still is. Modernity is slowly seeping into places like the kitchen and the laundry room. But there is a little office in the heart of the house that is frozen in 1975.

On the counter is a CB radio base station and a ancient stereo system anchored by a turntable and reel-to-reel player. Better yet, the cabinets are piled high with magazines with publication dates ranging from 1960 to 1978.  I spend most of my waking, indoor time exploring these archives.

On this trip, I found a 1974 Time featuring a collection of essays about the significance of the ongoing impeachment of Richard Nixon.

There was a 1972 U.S. News & World Report with a cover story about the coming food shortages in America.

There was a 1973 Ladies Home Journal with big feature on Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors and how in love they are and how they will always be together.

The best find of all this trip was a May 1961 Reader’s Digest. More on it in my next post.